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Part 8 - Installing Plug-ins

Valve server plug-ins are pretty straightforward. Under your cstrike directory create a new sub-directory called addons:


Place plug-ins are their associated files in here. Most plug-ins use a .vdf file to load themselves into the Source dedicated server engine.

I highly recommend the DoS Attick Fixer for CSS v4 plug-in (written by Tony Paloma):

It helps mitigate the effects of A2C_PRINT Spam and reducing the lag caused by Force fullupdate. Simply extract the contents of the zip file to the addons sub-directory. After extraction, verify dosattackfix.vdf points to the proper directory:

"file" ".\addons\daf\bin\dosattackfix"

You'll also want to log its activity by adding this line to your server.cfg:

daf_log 1

This will create a log file called log.txt in the addons\daf directory which will give you a list of IP addresses that are spamming your server. I use the list of IPs to create router-level bans.

To verify that the plug-in has loaded correctly with the server, type plugin_print in the server's console. You should see output similar to the following:

Loaded plugins:
0: "DoS Attack Fixer,"

You'll want to check out the links page at the end of this guide for additional resources on securing your server. It is an unfortunate reality that Valve spends more time on game development and promotion than on server security.