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Part 16 - Frequently Asked Questions and Miscellaneous Links

* Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) *

What is the permanent link to this website?

You talk about security quite a bit during your guide. Do you have a link to Source dedicated server security?


I'm trying to find out more information about a player but all I have is their Steam ID. Is there a way to find their Steam community profile from this information?


Your examples used "Surf". What is "Surfing"?

Surfing is a CSS game play type. The maps have "ramps" that players follow using their strafe keys (holding down "a" or "d" instead of using forwards/backwards). Most surf maps start from an elevated position and players work their way down to the bottom. Think of surf maps like skiing.

There are two general types of surf maps: Skill and Combat. Skill maps challenge a player's surfing ability form start to finish while Combat maps have weapons and also may have "jails" for players that fall off the ramps.

One of the original surf mapping groups is called Solid Surf:

* Miscellaneous Links *

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