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Part 15 - Server Maintenance

Assuming that you've correctly followed the steps of this guide, you should now have a fully functional Windows CSS server running SoureMod and/or Mani Admin Plug-in. On a monthly basis, I perform the following maintenance:

  • Microsoft Updates
  • Archive cstrike\logs\*.log (server log files)
  • Delete cstrike\addons\sourcemod\logs\*.log (SourceMod logs)
  • Delete cstrike\downloads\*.* (player sprays)
  • Delete cstrike\maps\*.ztmp (failed fast downloads that the server tried to serve itself)
  • Examine cstrike\addons\daf\log.txt and ban spammers at the router (thus preventing them from lagging or connecting to the server)
  • Source dedicated server partition defragmentation