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Part 14 - Server Start-up and Administration

Previously I showed you how to create a basic shortcut to srcds.exe which started the server. Unfortunately, this will not restart the server in the event of a crash. To remedy this, I use a simple batch script that restarts the server automatically:

@echo off
title 27015 SRCDS LAUNCHER
echo (%date%)(%time%) SERVER STARTED
echo ===============================================
start /DT:\srcds\27015 /WAIT /AboveNormal T:\srcds\27015\osrcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map surf_greatriver +maxplayers 24 +ip -port 27015 -nocrashdialog +fps_max 0
echo (%date%)(%time%) WARNING: CRASH
goto srcds

* Note: You'll want to start your HLstatsX perl daemon before you start your server.

After starting your server, verify its operation by connecting to it. To ensure it is being listed properly, have a friend look for it on the server list (hint: search by map name).

I strongly recommend testing all plug-ins and scripts before removing the server password. Players will go somewhere else if your server sucks.

* Server administration *

Since RCON is still available to you locally on your LAN, I recommend HLSW for RCON administration:

It has a full RCON section and another section that shows the published CVARs of your server. Be careful not to use Receive Server Log if you're running HLstatsX (this will kill HLstatsX).