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Part 12 - Installing SourceMod Plug-ins

* Installing SourceMod Plug-ins *

Installing SourceMod plug-ins is pretty simple. Download the compiled .smx plug-in file and copy it to addons\sourcemod\plugins. Some plug-ins may have translations (place them in addons\sourcemod\translations) and/or they might generate a configuration file that needs editing (found in cfg\sourcemod).

* Plug-in listing *

This section is dedicated to listing the SourceMod plug-ins that I use myself or others might find useful. The format is:

Plug-in name - A description of the plug-in
Any lines to be put in your server.cfg or in the plug-in's config file (i.e. my recommended settings)

* Security plug-ins*

Forlix FloodCheck - Protects against chat-, radio- and hard-command-flooding (
forlix_floodcheck_chat_interval 0
forlix_floodcheck_hard_interval 0
forlix_floodcheck_hard_ban_time 0
forlix_floodcheck_exclude_chat_triggers 0

Forlix TempBanFix - Handles all temporary bans, making sure they are removed on expiration (

Rcon locker / exploit fix - Lock rcon password / prevent some exploits

ServerSecure (Files only) - Server protection against the Upload / Download exploit

* Game play plug-ins*

Anti-Micspam - Automatically mute or punish players who engage in HLSS/HLDJ spamming
sm_micspam_punishment 1
sm_micspam_threshold 2

Forlix DeadChat - Relays chat messages of dead players and spectators to alive players (
forlix_deadchat_relay_mode 1

GunGame - GunGame implementation in SourceMod

KnifeSyphon - Rewards players with a health boost for killing with a melee weapon
sm_knifesyphon_announce 0
sm_knifesyphon_life 40

NoBlock - NoBlock plugin removes player vs. player collisions
sm_noblock_allow_block 0

RateChecker - Shows players rate settings

Show Damage - Shows your damage in the center of the screen

Spawn Protection - Adds spawn protection to gameplay
sp_notify 0
sp_time 6

* Server Administration *

Server Autorestart - Restarts a server once a day

* Other plug-ins *

Advertisements - Display advertisements

AFK Manager - AFK Manager/Kicker

Anti-Rejoin - Plugin punishes players who are killed during a round then leave and rejoin the server in the same round then try to spawn to play the same round more than once

CD Announcer - Print user Steam ID / IP / Country on connect / disconnect

Custom Votes - Allow easy addition of custom votes using configuration files

Dissolve - Dissolves player ragdolls on death

KillStats - Shows players statistics after each round and on death

KnifeFight - When a 1 versus 1 situation occurs, the plug-in will prompt players asking if they want to knife to the death

Paintball - Ddds paintball decals to bullet impacts

Quake Sounds - Plays sounds and displays text at certain events sometimes based on the number of kills

Radio Spam Block - Blocking players from radio spam

Spray Tracer - Traces player sprays on any surface

TeamSwitch - Allows admins to switch people to the other team or to spectators either now, when they die, or at the end of the round

Weapon Restrict - Weapon restriction

Web Shortcuts - Provides chat-triggered web shortcuts