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Part 11 - Installing SourceMod

To begin, download the latest SourceMod build at their website:

Inside the zip file, there will be two folders: addons and cfg

You will need to extract the zip file carefully to avoid overwriting any existing folders. Begin with addons\metamod. Extract sourcemod.vdf to your addons\metamod folder.

Next, extract addons\sourcemod to your cstrike\addons directory. After extraction, you should be left with a directory structure similar to the following:


Finally, extract cfg\sourcemod to your cstrike\cfg directory. This should leave you with the following directory:


To ensure SoureMod is loading properly, start up your server and type meta list in the console:

Listing 3 plugins:
[01] SourceMod (1.5.3) by AlliedModders LLC
[02] CS Tools (1.5.3) by AlliedModders LLC
[03] SDK Tools (1.5.3) by AlliedModders LLC

You can also issue the SourceMod command sm version in the console:

SourceMod Version Information:
SourceMod Version: 1.5.3
SourcePawn Engine: SourcePawn 1.1, jit-x86 (build 1.5.3)
SourcePawn API: v1 = 4, v2 = 4
Compiled on: Mar 21 2014 08:02:04
Build ID: 4026:53569c20fc33

Once you've verified SoureMod is loading properly, shut down your server.

If you didn't read the last section on SourceMod / Mani Admin Plug-in, then you missed that I do not use SoureMod for player administration. Out of the box, SourceMod loads up its player administration modules.

To disable SourceMod plug-ins:

Navigate to cstrike\addons\sourcemod\plugins. Move the undesired plug-ins from this directory to the disabled sub-folder.

You can learn more about the base plug-ins at the SourceMod website (

In my case, I do not need any of the included plug-ins. I move *.smx to the disabled sub-directory.