Part 1 - Introduction

Welcome to Jason's guide to setting up a Counter-Strike: Source server. I've put this together as an attempt to keep all my CS:S info in one place. Questions and comments are welcome at the e-mail address listed below.

This guide covers the following topics:

  • Choosing your environment
  • Setting up your router
  • Setting up your server
  • Setting up HLstatsX (optional)
  • Setting up the CS:S files
  • Setting up fast download
  • Installing Plug-ins
  • Installing Metamod:Source
  • A note about SourceMod and Mani Admin Plug-in
  • Installing SourceMod
  • Installing SourceMod plug-ins
  • Installing Mani Admin Plug-in
  • Server start-up and administration
  • Server maintenance
  • FAQ & Miscellaneous links

I will try to provide links to all of the files/packages/plug-ins I use along the way. Please note that due to the unreliable nature of the internet, some of the links and/or downloads may not work.

Best of luck,